Multibyte’s “eSender” is built to meet the needs of using wireless applications and mCommerce in daily living and work. With limited expenses and WeChat, it’s let you easy to quickly access the wireless applications and mCommerce services.

Application Scope: User needs to receive SMS (e.g., verification code) from a specified (oversea/local) mobile number, for the purpose of using relevant wireless applications and mCommerce services.

Specified Mobile Number Scope: Mainland China, Hong Kong (coming soon), USA (coming soon)

Service Advantage: User does not need to change the SIM card, and can easily receive SMS through ”易博通eSender” WeChat Official Account.

  How to use eSender service

  Followed ”易博通eSender” WeChat official account

User can search “Multibyte_eSender” in WeChat official accounts or Scan QR Code to following “易博通eSender”.
博元訊息Multi-byte QR Code
* User must to use an existing WeChat account to log on to WeChat, and then following ”易博通eSender”.

  Online apply an eSender account (oversea/local mobile number ) in ”易博通eSender” WeChat official account

  How to read the SMS from WeChat

User only needs to keep your WeChat online, when the SMS is sent to the eSender account (oversea/local mobile number ), the user can immediately read the text in the “易博通eSender” WeChat official account.